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Email:Willy Knapp (Owner)

Email:Nancy Knapp (Owner)

Countryview Farms Helicopter Air Services
P.O.Box 382 R.R.#2
Palmerston Ont. N0G 2P0
Phone: 519-343-3563
Fax: 519-343-4965

Robinson R44

Robinson R44,
Raven II

The Robinson R44: This machine is used for obvious reasons. With a great safety rating and cheaper maintenance then The JetRanger, we can work at a lower cost.

Trac Map:Leading in GPS technology, the tracmap allows us to spray with extreme accuracy, whether it be on flat prairie farms or odd shaped blocks on the hills. Also capable of recording data, it lets you view what was sprayed, when and where.

Apollo Spray Systems: Developed specifically with low acquisition cost and maximun application efficiency in mind, these systems make all other systems obsolete. For more information, visit www.apollospray.com